Client Preferences

preferences some clients have in their approach to applying performance psychology tools and strategies

Performance Psychology


Performance psychology plans take either a one-on-one or team approach and normally include all aspects of my performance triangle (whether thats for business or sports).

The performance psychology plans can be as flexible and accessible as you would like (normally ranging from 3 - 12 months), along with having as many individual differences within teams.

Training and Development Workshops 

One-off and continuous training and development workshops have been a popular preference.

Some common areas of focus in the training and development workshops are:

- Mindsets of performance.

- When setbacks hit.

- Developing wellbeing in the workplace. 

- How both sides of communication can make or break our team. 

- The grow zone, the difference between our comfort zone and where we grow. 

With each focus, performance psychology tools and strategies are put in place. Training and development workshops are far from dry where the goal is for you to walk out the door and take the job on.

If something else fancies you, don't rule it out.

Workshops can be at your location of choice or Kingsland, Auckland.

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