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High-performing organisations should consider programmes and policies that develop teams’ productivity, under pressure performance, stress management and wellbeing. However, as we know, it's not a one size fits all area.

The consult option offer’s the above in project work creating tailored programmes or policy for your organisation or teams’ needs. Programmes can include executive management through to entry-level team members with content adjusted to suit the level. On-site and relevant, projects vary in length to help effectively role out appropriate programmes and policies that fit the organisations or teams needs.

Making sure trusted, effective individuals that can introduce well-researched tools and strategies in a relevant, reliable manner is important, otherwise, less value could be added.

The consult projects can include five stages:



It doesn’t matter where you are sitting when it comes to setting up effective, established and relevant productivity, stress, wellbeing and under pressure programmes or policies.  

In the identify stage of implementing programmes and policies, organisations or teams’ strengths, weaknesses and resources are identified. The purpose of the identify stage is to recognise if or what future programmes and policies are needed to help align the organisations or teams’ to the objectives of the project.

A range of tools and strategies can be used depending on the size of the organisation and the scope of the project.


Fit is everything. In the develop stage, programmes or policies are developed and tailored to fit how your organisation or teams want to do business when considering the objectives set for the project.

Current best practices, examples, research, policy and experience is considered when developing organisation or team programmes and policy to ensure relevant approaches are taken.



The implement stage speaks for itself. Once programmes and policies are ready, the fast or gradual role out of them is made depending on the type of programme or policy.


It's important to see the impacts made, what’s improving? what’s adjusting? what needs more clarification? And how the programme or policy is adding to how your organisation or teams’ work?

In the assess stage, an in-depth look is taken to identify the programme or policies performance since being introduced into an organisation or team. This stage allows reports to be generated and further refinement of programmes and policies to be developed.

Leaders Facilitation Training:

Once programmes or policies have been implemented, assessed for performance and refined, the Leaders Facilitation Training comes forward. Training leaders in the organisation or team to further facilitate the programme or policies helps keep developments active once the project is completed.


To me, Leader Facilitation Training remains one of the most important parts of continued programme practice.




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